Final Fantasy XV Is a Fragmented Experience which is terrible


Final Fantasy’s newer edition i.e. Final Fantasy XV is far different from all the other previous editions of the game. If you have just bought the premium version of this game and then you might notice plenty of things which are not as per your expectations. Unlike the previous editions of the game, this instalment of the Final Fantasy have some limitations with respect to the current tech scenarios. So you will be having a limited area to explore the gameplay which is not so satisfying being a Final Fantasy fanatic. 

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Moving on to the story, the Final Fantasy XV has got a terrible storyline gameplay which is totally unrealistic. In order to play this game, you have to invest a hell lot of time and money to actually understand the gameplay.

In the newer edition, Final Fantasy XV has a terrible way to describe its storyline which is not understandable. There is no any significant storyline. In order to complete the main storyline, you have to spend 30 to 40 hours to figure out what’s exactly going to do with the gameplay. If you are in a hurry and want to know more about the game quickly, you don’t need to be such as the gameplay packs with a detailed storyline which is not good for everyone.

Apart from this, the game has some loosen story chapters which are not good for a consistent gaming experience. The storyline jumps from here to there without fulfilling the gaps between the story so it is not good for good entertainment. Additionally, there is no any surprising factor in the gameplay. You can easily figure out the next things by playing the game. It has not thrilling gameplay and chapters to make you more curious about the game.

There are a number different episodes available in the gameplay which you have to complete one by one by playing the game and sticking it to the storyline even if it is not interesting for you and not upto the expectations.

If you are a big fan of Final Fantasy franchise and have been playing this game for years, this edition of the game will surely make you disappointed as it lacks plenty of things which are not necessary to play and to explore within the game. We can not expect more from this edition of the Final Fantasy as many of its users find it not so impressive like its previous editions. And there is no chance of its next edition to become popular as there are many gaps in the storyline of this gameplay which needs to be fulfilled first.

Apart from this, the game has got a bunch of good things as well. There’s a new rich graphics which makes the gameplay more realistic. More realistic character with detailed body language to keep your interest alive. An impressive graphics throughout the gameplay and many more things are there to be cherished if you buy the deluxe edition of this game by spending your hard saved money.

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