FIFA 18 Ultimate Trading & Sniping Tutorial – Tips & Tricks to Earn More Coins in FUT18


If you’ve been a big fan of FIFA 18 game and want to expand your territory in the fields by earning more coins, then we are here with a complete FIFA 18 ultimate trading and sniping tutorial with proper tips and tricks to earn double the coins and to gain more power for your team and players.

If you are looking for the best players to set down for your FIFA 18 team, it costs you a lot and would be more expensive than you think. This is the reason why you should start trading your players and other things. For that, you need to have proper knowledge about trading and sniping in the original FIFA 18 game. Since the game is designed for the real and professional players, it requires a bit of knowledge before making any moves.

To increase the capabilities of your players and the original gameplay, there are over 24 Chemistry Styles Cards available in the gameplay of this game. You can get the best Chemistry Styles Cards from the game by purchasing them from the online market of FIFA 18.

Sniping the players cards is also an ultimate option to gain more coins to purchase things additionally. The gameplay brings a variety of features and functionality to make you a real Businessman by exploring the real market. There are hundreds of areas which you can explore in order to design your dream team by sniping and trading various things.

If you are eager to know how you can snipe the player cards, then here we have listed down the best players cards which you can snipe as per your choice to gain more coins. In the original transfer market, these cards can be easily snipe away and you can get the best price and profits by sniping the players cards.

There are a few tips and tricks which you should need to know before trying to snipe the players cards in the FIFA 18 game. First thing you need to do is search for the actual price of the player. After this, just select the buy now price and keep it a few hundred coins lower than the lowest price. You need to keep repeating this steps and snipe the cheap once you see someone appears there.

Check out the list of the players to Snipe :

  • Izquierdo – 78 – LW – Colombia Brighton & Hove Albion Premier League
  • Bakayoko – 82 – CDM – France Chelsea Premier League
  • Malcom – 79 – RM – Brazil FC Girondins de Bordeaux Ligue 1 Conforama
  • Defrel -77 – ST – France Roma Calcio A
  • King – 77 – ST – Norway Bournemouth Premier League
  • Wilfried Zaha – 81 – RM – Crystal Palace, Premier League
  • Ramsey – 82 – CM – Wales Arsenal Premier League
  • Wilson – 75 – ST – England Bournemouth Premier League
  • Welbeck – 80 – ST – England Arsenal Premier League

In order to snipe the players, you need to make following steps. Just follow proper steps given below to make the best of sniping of the players.

Step 1 : 

Make sure to search on the transfer market for the player card you want to snipe within the transfer market.

Step 2 :

Now, you need to check for the average buying price for that player.

Step 3 :

Once you found the average price for that player, go back to the transfer market.

Step 4 :

Hit the BUY NOW button and keep the price a few hundred coins lower than the actual average price.

Step 5 :

Now, click on to the Search button.

Step 6 :

You have to keep on clicking on to the Search button until you see the Player on the screen.

Step 7 :

You can change the pricing for the player in the section and can follow the same steps mentioned above.

This is how you can actual start sniping your players to earn more coins. Apart from this, there is one more method which you can use in order to snipe the players within the FIFA 18 ultimate team.

Before making your first move to snipe the players cards, you have to keep minimum budget to snipe the players with. You can keep coins between 5,000 to 10,000 as a minimum budget for the market. You should not buy the packs for the coins which you have earned in the past. You can then make your move and can snipe the player as per your requirements. The more you snipe the more coins you will earn as you will become master with this sniping process in the FIFA 18 game.

Apart from Sniping Players Cards, you can even start trading them to earn maximum number of coins as benefit from this process. Trading is kind of a Business which you can do in order to gain more coins and profit within the game.

If you are ready to start trading in the FIFA 18 game to earn more profit and coins out of the actual gameplay, there are a few tips and tricks which you can consider before making any moves. Top rated players in the FIFA 18 game are usually more expensive than any other player. Since FIFA 18 game features high class players of Football, it requires good pricing to trade out.

Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest rated player with 94. This is the ultimate player which is not affordable for everyone. You have to make maximum budget to earn more coins.

In order to earn more FIFA 18 coins, there is only one option to play match and to win different tournaments. Other players buy FIFA 18 points to buy additional packs from the market which costs higher than your actual budget. This is how you can buy additional packs and trade players for the maximum profit.

You can also make use of transfer market as mentioned above while sniping the players cards. By buying and selling players from the transfer market, you can actually earn more coins. So keep visiting the transfer market to make the best profit and earn more coins. Trading in the game is quite annoying process at the beginning, but once you mastered with it, it will gain you more coins at the end and you will be having the top class players in your squad.

Following trading tips and tricks will help you to make more profit and earn more coins. So we request you to kindly follow these tips and tricks and earn more coins.

Tips and Tricks for FIFA 18 Trading to earn more coins

Tip 1 : Make money from Packs

There are a variety of packs available to purchase in the FIFA 18 market to gain profit. Eventually, you can purchase top rated players with the coins you earn. Gold packs can get you the best premium players and it will help you to rebuild an ultimate team. There are some limited time special packs available for limited period. You have to make a quick move in order to buy the player after purchasing this pack.

Many other packs require a bit patience and eventually, they will earn you a good amount of coins. You will be able to get the maximum number of coins at the end while trading your players. So you have to read a lot about the all the available packs and their benefits in the game.

Tip 2 : Buy and Sell players who are more familiar 

This is the best option we can recommend to you in order to trade in your players in the FIFA 18 game. Since you’ve been playing this game, you might probably familiar with all the players with which you have played this game before. You can buy and sell players from the league with which you are most familiar with. This will help you to understand whether this player will help you earn more coins in future. This is how you can actual start trading the players.

In some leagues, some of the players who are not high rated can get you more coins in certain leagues. This is how you can easily gain more coins. So there is no such thing as low rated player as soon as you know the key of trading them. You can still earn more coins by making proper use of low rated players in the FIFA 18 game.

Tip 3 : Buy Players who are low priced 

Since you are in for the real trading in the FIFA 18 game, it is always recommended to keep a good back up of players to trade in. Buying players who are low priced will get to benefits in long time. A lot of FIFA players are completely impatient and they don’t want to keep the same players. For this particular reason, they always try to sell them out in the market place. For this reason, such players choose Buy it now option instead of making proper auctions for them.

This makes your way clear and with this, you will get the players with lower price tags than the actual Buy it now price. However, trading can be a tricky process sometimes, as you have to pay additional 5% tax for the entire process. If you buy a player for 900 coins and you sell the same player after some time for 1,000 coins, you will only get 950 coins at the end as you have to pay 5% tax for the trading process.

You can purchase high rated and highly priced players for low prices and coins with this trading of players process. So you need to keep an eye on the actual process while making your trading with the players. You can choose the low priced players and can sell them off with high tags when the right time comes in! So have some patience and make the right move at the right time.

Tip 4 : Do not buy FIFA Coins 

Since trading is a pure Business it requires a complete professionalism and hence you have to get into the real Business like a Pro. Since people who are rich, they always try to exploit the game buy purchasing coins from the market. This is not a legal way to trade in the players as they imbalance the actual scenario of the process or we can say the real Business.

As per the rules and regulations of EA Sports, this can result in punishments. Buying coins and then trading is against the rules and regulations which is not acceptable. By buying coins, the entire gameplay will be changed as people will be able to buy high rated players and they can build an ultimate team by buying the coins. This will not helpful for other players and it will change the rules of the real game.

If FIFA found any player buying coins and doing Business with these coins, will be punished by emptying the coins to zero. People who buy coins will have no players in the team, sometimes it will warn you and sometime without any notice, you will lose everything. Sometimes, EA Sport might ban your account completely or delete it permanently.

Once you are banned by EA Sport, you will never be able to play FIFA 18 game in future. So we request you not to buy coins and do a Business like Pro.

Tip 5 : Invest in In-form Cards

Special in-from cards are released regularly by EA Sports with the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team of the Week on every Wednesday. These cards which are released by EA Sports are there and live for limited period of time. It requires you to make a quick move before choosing the right card and this is how you can invest your money in the cards.

After passing some time, these cards will have no value in the market but the pricing of these cards will be increased without your knowledge. So investing in the cards will get you more coins in the future as you will be allowed to sell those cards in future whenever you need. This is like a risky business as sometimes, the pricing of the cards fall down as there will be more cards of the same ranges available in the market. So you have to make a proper move before choosing the card.

Tip 6 : Sniping players on 59 Minutes 

If we talk about the past editions of FIFA games by EA Sports, this 59 methods is one of the best methods while trading the players. A lot of impatient players don’t know the real values of the players packs and they sell them off with lower prices on the market.

You can restrict your search when you are going to choose Buy it Now option and this will get you the best BID. You can then get the low priced players from the market and this is how you can get them at the price as per your budget. You are requested to search repeatedly for the same players until you get the right player at the right price tag which you keep.

You can even make wider search by choosing low filters. You can use this search through transfer pages for 59 minutes. This will get you new items in the list and once you see the new items, you can get them or buy them right away. By repeating the process, you will see new players in the list and you can buy them instantly.

So folks, these all are the top rated tips and tricks to earn more coins by Sniping and Trading in FIFA 18 Ultimate game. If you know any other tricks with which you can earn more coins, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section as we would add them into the above list, so other readers can also make use of them while trading and sniping in the FIFA market.