Fidelity Investment’s official NetBenefits app launched for Windows Phone


Fidelity Investments has launched its NetBenefits app for Windows Phone and this app gives the access to your Fidelity workplace accounts. It includes the retirement, stock and pension plans and also the health benefits you are enrolled in right on your Windows Phone. NetBenefits app is available to the individuals who are having one or more employer-sponsored workplace benefits offered by the fidelity investments.


Here are the features what you will avail with the early version of NetBenefits for Windows Phone

  • Library : Review the financial information for the better understanding  your options and make informed choices for your retirement planning.
  • Peer comparison : You can compare your retirement plan information with the people in your age group and the location to understand how your savings goals stack up.
  • Stock Plans : Monitor your stock account information, exercise employee stock options and accept grants.
  • Retirement Accounts : By monitoring your retirement plan balances and investments keep your financial goals on track.
  • Pension plans : Access the important information about your pension plans including the plan balances, of available.
  • Health and Insurance : Get the complete details of the medical, dental, vision health and insurance plans that you are enrolled for. Review the detailed health benefits information, including in and out of network costs,coverage information and provider contacts.
  • Other accounts : Review the other Fidelity accounts such as 529 college savings plan accounts and the brokerage accounts, to see how they will contribute to your overall financial strategy.

Employer-sponsor account functionality includes the transactions for employee stock plans for all other accounts, functionality is limited to viewing the history, account balances, positions, year-to-date performance and other benefits information.

Download NetBenefits app for Windows Phone