FDA approves 3D Printed Drug ‘Spritam’ for the first time

A product image provided by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals shows Spritam 750 mg (foreground) and 1,000 mg tablets. The 3-D-printed pills have been approved by the FDA.
3D Printed Drug – Spritam

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves 3D printed drug ‘Spritam’ for the very first time.

Spritam Drug is manufactured by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, and it’s expected to be out in the stores between Jan to March 2016.

This drug is made especially for medicating seizures in people suffering from epilepsy syndromes for children and adults. It’s a new innovation of manufacturing a drug for medicating seizures through 3D printer.

Seizures are the physical detection or change in behavioural aspects which arise after a minor abnormal electrical bustle or synchronous neuronal bustle in the brain.

Seizure- Abnormal electrical activity in brain

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals says this drug is “a porous formulation that rapidly disintegrates with a sip of liquid,” which means Spritam drug disperses in water rapidly and helps to gulp it with ease. Spritam allows a heavy drug load ranging up to 1000mg to be distributed in a single dose.

There is no precise measuring intake of this dose which makes it easier to consume. This drug can be consumed by children and adults suffering from epilepsy syndromes coherence with their treatment routine.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology refined this Spritam drug by compiling the medical science with 3D printing technology. MIT Company can manufacture as many absorbent medications that dissolve in water quickly with very minimal fluid.

Aprecia aiming to produce amassed 3D printed medications for the central nervous system. Aprecia uses its own ZipDose technology dais for manufacturing the drug.

Spritam drug is expected to reach the medical outlets between Jan to march 2016.