FanZone raises $5 million in Series A funding


FanZone, the online social networking platform for sports and music lovers, has secured $5 million in Series A funding round led by Olive Tree Capital Ventures. Other participants include Ron Zuckerman and Amir Gal-Or, who took part in the startup’s seed round of $1.2 million around a year ago.


Launched in 2014 by Ori Shila and Tomer Kazaz, FanZone was started  as transportation solution app for sports events and later it started working with sports clubs and organizations before partnering with official transport solutions like Israel Railway, local municipalities and the Israeli Police to manage the big crowds at major tournaments. The platform also allows its fans to other fans to match day quizzes and bring various offers like local sale on beer to the users attention.

In June this year, FanZone introduced ‘FanZone Events’ that offers range of music services to music fans. It has already been used in Isreal for Backstreet Boys, One Republic, Art Garfunkel and Robbie Williams shows. The company claims that 7000 of the 30,000 attendees at Robbie Williams used FanZone events.

Co-founder and CEO of Fanzone’s said, “We are young company with a clear target and great horizons. We are aiming high- but fully committed to meeting our goals and are lucky enough to enjoy every moment along the way.” True to its it has been aimed high, pitched well and has now a good ground running.

With the new funds, the startup expects to expand the target business in the markets namely U.S, Germany, France and likely Spain. The app is not without any competition against other similar apps. Shizo said,  “It’s different platform that Moovit or Waze or other specific verticals that are focused on one service. Our offering is the event in the center and we build the services around it.”

Shizo noted that trust and loyalty in the major differentiator it holds with the other apps. It uses the momentum of the fan community that are in place before to physically pull these similar people together or game day. “The common interest that people have makes the sharing experiences more fun, more trustable and more convenient,” claimed Shizo.