“Failed to Connect to Matchmaking Service” Error Fix in Fortnite

By | April 3, 2018

Fortnite Battle Royale has becoming more popular day by day. The newly released game offers a unique gameplay with full of action and adventure. However, recently, many of the players of this game have come across “Failed to connect to matchmaking service” error while matching in the game. This is indeed an annoying error which stops the players to connect to the matchmaking service. If you’ve got the same error, you should try out the following suggestion to get rid of this error on the game. 

This “Failed to connect to matchmaking service” is preventing the players from accessing the matchmaking services of the game online. This service is quite important for the players to match things out accordingly and this error is stopping them.

Sadly, the same error is being faced by all the gaming platforms and not on a particular platform. The same error is being faced by other gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The same error is available on the iOS mobile platform as well as many of the iOS users of this game have encountered the same matchmaking error on their devices during the gameplay.

Following explanation may help you out to fix this error on a respective gaming console of yours. Just read it out and follow as suggested.

This new “Failed to connect to matchmaking service” just started showing up on the different gaming consoles and it was not available previously. The error occurred after the release of the iOS version of the Fortnite Game a few days back. The iOS users can invite their friends to get an access of this game on their iOS platforms. The game can also be played cross platform using the iOS devices.

Since the game has been released for the iOS platform, there are thousands and millions of gamers around the world who also want to play and test out the gameplay of this game on their iOS devices. For the very same reason, they might want to connect the game on the server to play it online and failed miserably to connect to it. So whenever a user tries to jump on to the match service, the system sent out an error “Failed to connect to matchmaking service” error on the console.

“Failed to Connect to Matchmaking Service” Error Fix in Fortnite

This error is not for a particular region, the same error is being encountered by the gamers worldwide. There is no any confirmed fix available with which one can fix this matchmaking issue on the game. However, we have some workaround to fix the same issue.

To fix this error, it requires users take a few more attempts to connect the game. Yes, you can give it some more try and it will get connected.

Additionally, you could just close down the game and relaunch it and try connecting it once again. This will potentially fix this particular error from your game.

Epic Games have already confirmed that the issue is available on global users and they have already begun working on a fix to fix this error for all the consoles. They will soon come up with an official solution to get rid of this error on the Fortnite Battle Royale game.

Since Epic Games are also working for the Android version of this game, we hope to get the fix of this error alongside the launch of this game for Android platform. For more information, you should head over to the official EpicGame’s Website.