Fail Hard : A Stuntman Game for Windows Phone user’s


Fail Hard is an arcade styled game for the Windows Phone user. In  this game you  are assuming the role of a backyard stuntman who must conquer a wide range of obstacle courses.

The Fail Hard game has nine stages or environments which are filled with number of multiple levels of action. When you play this game, you will have to earn  the coins which can be used to upgrade existing gear or used to buy new equipment. But, you will crash and burn often with Fail Hard. The game is available free in the Windows Phone Store and it is compatible with 512 MB of RAM supported Windows Smartphone devices.


It is a universal game,  which is available for Windows 8 and all Windows Phone 8. The Fail Hard is a fun, nicely animated, challenging game for the Windows Phone users and comes with a great option to consider when you need to kill some time.

The game has nine chapters or stages which you will have to work your way through.  In this game you begin with the learning the Basics stage, which will walk you through the various aspects of game play. From there you will start your career by tackling stages, which mainly focus on the platform jumps, winter stunts, urban environments and even a jungle stage. Each level is progressively unlocked and you are scored by a number of stars (1-3) and the requirement that at least one star is earned to advance to the next level.


The Fail hard Game controls are easy and simple in use. If you want to accelerate then accelerator is available in the lower right corner and your jump controls in the lower left. One jump control will raise the nose of your bike (the smaller up arrow) and the larger button will push the nose of your bike down. You can use these controls to perform mid-air flips or to balance your jumps for a smooth landing during the gameplay. If you want to download the game, then you can click here!

It is available for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 also, if you want to download then click here!