How to factory reset Microsoft band


Microsoft Band helps you to achieve your wellness goals by tracking your heart rate, steps calorie burn and more. If you need to start over, switch phones or you need to try solve the problem then you need to factory reset the Microsoft band. The process is very simple so that you won’t lose the data so that you have already synced to the cloud. Here is how to factory reset this band.

How to factory reset Microsoft band

Prerequisites : Unregister and remove pairing

  1. On your Windows phone launch Microsoft Health app and tap on Band icon.
  2. Tap my Microsoft band, tap on unregister this band and then tap on OK.
  3. On your Windows Phone, remove Microsoft Band from the list of Bluetooth paired devices.

Reset Microsoft Band

  • Tap on settings on your Microsoft band and then tap power.
  • Swipe left and under Factory reset tap on reset device.
  • Under erase all data and then tap on Yes.

Another way to reset

If your Band is not responsive for above method, then there is another way to perform the factory reset. There is another way to factory reset the Microsoft band.

  • Press and hold the power button and action buttons on the Microsoft band for 10 seconds and then then screen will turn off.
  • Connect the Band to the USB cable and turn it on.

That’s it, your Microsoft Band has been reset. It is bit inconvenient to factory reset the Band when switching phones. Many people are not complaining about this, but it would be nice for the Band to able to switch phones easily.