Facebook tests new ‘Local Market’ feature to improve its social commerce efforts


Facebook seems to be testing a new feature called Local Market, that allows its users sell and browse products for sale in local areas. The screenshots released by AdWeek’s SocialTimes ¬†show it may be a new way for people to buy and sell things on the site.


Few months ago, Facebook unveiled ‘For Sale Groups’ that allow the community user to lest prices and pick-up locations for items that are to be sold. The new Local Market may be a new way to look for all different categories of goods closeby without staying within specific groups. It has separate categories like Household, Sporting, Toys and Books and users can just click ‘message to buy’ to buy an item they are interpreted in and would get connected to the seller.

With more than 1.5 billion users, Facebook has been testing its local social commerce efforts against existing powerhouses like Etsy Inc and Craiglist Inc. This new move of Facebook seems to align with its e-commerce strategy. It also matches with Facebook’s recent decision to allow strangers to message each other without having the messages diverted to the hardly-accessed ‘Other Folder’ of message. Without the change, the “message to buy” feature would serve its purpose.