Facebook set to clean News Feed with its new algorithm

By | April 11, 2014


Facebook has now published that it is cleaning up its News Feed to get rid of spammy posts, so that users of the social site do not miss relative and important stories and to punish spammers.

Moving further, Facebook has posted on its blog that it is bringing an series of enhancement with News Feed to decrease stories that users much of the time treat as spam. “Large portions of these stories are distributed by Pages that deliberately attempt and game News Feed to get more appropriation than they typically would,” said Facebook employees Erich Owens and Chris Turitzin.

As stated, Facebook will majorly take steps to point mostly three kinds of news feed spam – frequently circulated content, Like -baiting, and spammy links.

Facebook is also optimizing News Feed so that it does not target on pages that re-share the content as most of the users do not find such content significant.

Stories that deceive users into tapping on links to pages that hold just ads or a mix of periodically shared content and ads, will likewise be limited. For example a few stories may claim to links to a image gallery however rather to take the viewer to a site with simply ads, the social networking giant stated.

“By measuring how every regularly users on Facebook who visit a links decide to like the original post orshare that post to their wall or friends wall, we have the capacity to better identify spammy posts or links,” it included. As stated by Facebook, the upgrade enhances News Feed to reduce instances of spammy feeds or links, and in early testing it has seen a 5% increment in users on Facebook clicking on links that take them off of Facebook.