Facebook Messenger’s Photo Magic feature allows you to share photos fastly



Currently Facebook’s Messenger got more than 700 million monthly users. So, this is quite obvious that it has become a very popular means for messaging and sharing photos with your friends. As of now, more than 9.5 billion photos are being sent to one another via messenger apps per month and this figure is growing day by day. So, it looks like after seeing the growth, Facebook is making photos sharing on its messenger app a bit easier.

For making sharing photos on Facebook Messenger easier, the social media giant is testing a new feature named Photos Magic, which is a facial recognition feature that allows you to send photos via messenger directly to the people in the picture. This testing feature has rolled out in Australia for Android device, while this feature for iOS device will roll out later this week.

According to Engadget, this Photo Magic feature uses tech same as the Facebook’s tag suggestion and Moments options. The friends to whom you are sending photos should have installed Moments for receiving the photos. When you open the updated Facebook Messenger app, you’ll need to give permission to scan your phone’s camera roll. Then, here it will scan your camera’s roll and select photos that have you and your Facebook friends. Now, you can send photos to them by one tap.

Facebook Messenger is going to open a new thread if multiple persons are available in that photo. After this whenever you take photos with your Facebook friends, messenger will give you options to send photos to them. If you don’t like this feature, you can stop the facial recognition in its setting page. This Photo Magic feature may roll out globally in few months.