Facebook and Messenger will have the same stories with new synced cross-posting


Facebook Stories is one of the most interesting features that the social network giant has introduced a long ago. People are actually liking this new Stories feature where people can post their short video for limited period of time. There was a different stories for Facebook and Messenger both, however the new update made by the giant that will sync Facebook and Messenger Stories together. 

According to latest reports from various tech blogs, Facebook is merging Facebook and Messenger stories. The platforms were offering different stories for both the platforms which will be able to show you the same stores from Facebook app and from the Messenger app as well.

This looks quite an interesting update for the users of Facebook Stories. Once the update is rolled out, you will be able to see the stories from the Messenger app posted on the original Facebook app and vice versa. Once you see the Story on the Messenger app, on Facebook app, it will be marked as viewed.

If we talk about the other platforms i.e. Instagram, it has a large number of Instagram Stories users than the combine of the Facebook and Messenger users. Messenger has a very less number of users who are using the Stories feature. But by combining Facebook and Messenger both, the number of users will definitely increase. So you will get more views on your stories after this update which is a good thing for both.

By simplifying the original Stories feature, Facebook is going to have double the users of their Stories feature so it will be around the same as Instagram has. Well, you should not forget that Instagram is also a part of Facebook as the giant has already acquired Instagram a couple of years ago.

Moving on to the Business side, Facebook is currently eyeing on generation revenues from the Stories feature on Facebook as well as on Instagram. The social network giant is going to offer sponsored stories on both the platforms for the enterprise users to advertise their products. This way, they will get maximum boost of their post with millions of views as Stories feature is being used by millions of people around the world.

Merging Stories feature on Facebook and Messenger is quite a good move as you don’t need to post the same stories in both the platforms. The giant is also launching collaborative stories for groups and events. So you can bring a stories into an event for weddings, birthday party and more.

Apart from merging the Facebook and Messenger stories, Facebook is also improving the security for your stories which are post either on Facebook app or Messenger app. You will be able to set the audience for your stories as per your need. You can set your Stories for Public or for particular list or your friends. You can even set it for the custom lists or specific friends, there will be all the options available for you.

Facebook is also planning to bring the Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories and they are currently testing out this feature for the users of Facebook and Instagram both. However, Facebook to Instagram stories will not be possible.

Facebook has acquired Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp and the stories feature is available on all these four platforms. There are millions of users who are happily using this Stories feature on various platforms. So combining them is a good idea for the users as they will make them live to all the friends and other contacts.

Interestingly, the giant is bringing the Stories feature to the lite version of the app as well. So people who are using low speed data connection with Facebook Lite app, will also be able to make use of the Stories feature. For the Lite version, users will be able to view the Stories only and they will not be able to post a new one for now. However, by the passing of time, the new update will be available which will allow you to post the new stories from the Lite version.