Facebook Messenger app arrives on PC



Facebook Messenger app arrives on PC in the US, which make Facebook to promote its new features across all types of screens and devices.

The app can be accessed by entering the credentials in the website; one can easily message friends or phone or video conference calls just they are using on mobile phone. This move follows the footsteps of Whatsapp, extremely popular instant messaging service acquired by Facebook some months back.

In January, 2015 Whatsapp released web browser compatibility where to access from web messenger, user has to scan the QR Code from mobile camera. With web version, Facebook Messenger aims to compete with Whatsapp, Viber and Skype applications.

Facebook plans to integrate new features very quickly irrespective which platform used to connect to Messenger. Right now Facebook is providing desktop messenger only in the US. Another feature of messenger comes along is that exchange of money with their contact directly through the messenger.


When one like to transfer money through messenger, just he has to open chat window, select a contact from his list and then click on dollar sign icon. He will be able to enter the amount that he wishes to transfer. The recipient must accept the transfer in order to validate and completion of the transaction. Both parties of the transaction should have entered their respective bank details previously.

Facebook aims those users who use messenger and look for dedicated messaging on the web, just to complement existing Messenger mobile app, giving another option to message on the computer.

In turn once logged in, they can directly use desktop messaging and keep their conversation going and picking up from where they left. Facebook created a new platform allowing outside developers to create apps which can be seamlessly integrate with Messenger, irrespective of file format to contact between brands and their clients for greater responses. In other sense, the apps and brands will soon getting into Facebook Messenger.