Facebook Messenger allows you to send high-resolution photos


Facebook’s most popular messaging service called, Facebook Messenger gets a new update which now lets you share high-resolution images without compression. There are many other apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram etc. which are amazingly popular over the globe. These apps use some compressions on the images which you share to your loved ones. Facebook has removed all the barriers and now you can share full HD resolution images within the Messenger app. 

Just to let you show the differences between the previous images and the latest images, Face book has showcased a few images which show us how this new update will show up the images with their original resolution. Until now, the photos or the images which we send over the Messenger app, compress down and the recipient will not get the image with the original size. They will receive the photos with lower resolution. But with this update, the recipients will be able to receive the original size photo with the same resolution.

Previous resolution on Facebook Messenger app was 2048 x 2048 pixels with 2K. Now, this update will expand the image resolution with 4096 x 4096 pixels i.e. 4K. Since many high-end devices capture full HD images with 4K resolution, they will be able to share high definition images over the Messenger app.

The new update has been rolling out by the giant and it will soon reach out to your mobile phone. For now, countries like the US, Canada, France, Australia, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea will get the initial update of this Messenger application to send and receive 4K resolution images. The giant has also said that, they will expand the update to other countries in a few weeks. So the global update is yet to be available for various other countries but it will take some time.

The 4K support on Facebook Messenger will be available for Android and iOS platforms for the above mentioned countries. It will take some time for other countries to test out this new update of sending 4K resolution images over the Messenger.

This was the much awaited update as hundreds and thousands of Messenger users were looking for this update. They were eagerly waiting for a way to send high resolution photos over the Messenger and they are not blessed with the update which will allow them to send and receive high resolution images.

Facebook Messenger has over 900 Million active users which makes it second most popular Messaging service in the world. Since people are actively using this Messenger, they love to share full hd resolution images and other things so they don’t need to use any third party or cloud storage services. This way they can instantly share the original resolution images to their friends and relatives via Messenger.

In order to send and receive the 4K resolution images, both, the sender and the receiver need to have an updated Facebook Messenger app on their respective devices. So make sure you both have updated your Messenger app with the latest version and only then you will be able to send and receive full HD resolution images.

As we mentioned above, the giant has shared a bunch of examples which show us the difference between the 2K images and the new 4K images. On the left side, you could see how the images were looking looking with lower resolution and on the right side, you could see how the full resolution images will look like with the latest updated Messenger app. You can see all the examples from here.

Since Facebook has not declared the availability of this Messenger on other countries, we are unable to list them down here. However, the giant will soon come up with the announcement on the availability of it in other countries as well. Stay tuned with us for all the updates related this.