Facebook launches Quick Updates, 24 hour stories-styled feature


For over a decade, Facebook has been continuously launching new features to provide an improved and innovative experience to the users. Continuing the same, the social networking giant today announced the launch of its latest feature named as Quick Updates.

Quick Updates is a 24 hour stories-styled feature which lets users upload their moments on their profile, however, the quick updates won’t be visible on the news feed as well as the user profile, though, it can be accessed at a specific location in the Facebook app for iOS and Android. Currently, the feature is available to a selective group of test users, however, Facebook plans to make it live for the general public pretty soon.

The new feature is pretty much inspired by the IM app, Snapchat. Snapchat allows the users to capture moments and share them with friends and followers for a time frame of 24 hours. The updates are automatically deleted after 24 hours from the Snapchat servers.

Off late, Facebook has been testing a lot of innovative features and a lot of them were inspired by the features already available in various IM apps. For example, last month Facebook tested a feature in messenger, which allowed users to send self-destructive texts to their contacts, which was automatically deleted after an hour. Also, it had tested a feature which allowed users to share news-feed-only content, which was not visible on the profile of the users who shared that update.

Facebook Quick Updates screen

According to reports in the recent past, youngsters around the world have distanced themselves from Facebook for sharing the personal content and they are inclining more towards the IM apps like Snapchat and whatsapp. The latest feature might just be a try to get more users share personal content on the platform.

Facebook quick updates privacy

The new Facebook feature will give a small smiley button at the top right of the app. Using the option, users will be able to share their quick updates with the help of editing features providing within the app. There will be a dedicated screen to track the replies and responses received to the post in last 24 hours.

It is still not clear as to when will Facebook launch this for the general public or if this feature will be launched at all for the users. However, for now, it seems promising and hopefully, facebook will target getting people to share more content on the platform using this feature.