Facebook launches its Notify app for iPhone



Facebook has launched a new stand alone notification app named Notify that will show you notification about news and entertainments. If you are using Facebook, you can sign up for this standalone mobile notification apps that will give notification even if your phone is in sleep mode. Sadly, currently this app is only available for iPhones.

This is a good way by Facebook to lure people, as currently most of us get to know about anything via Notifications only. The social media giant has launched this Notify app that will give you notifications about the subject you are interested in. This Notify app will offer you notification about anything like sports, celebrity, movies, music, shopping or news. It has options for everyone.


Though this is a great app, there is one tiny problem, as everyone knows that we get lots of notifications on our phone, which sometimes becomes quite irritating. So Facebook has to work on this normal problem, if company wants to make its new app useful. The social media giant has a solution for the solution, as it will deliver more customized news feed for you.

As of now, the Notify app is only available for iPhone and only in United States. Reports about Notify first broke out last week. Currently NBC News, The Daily Mail, the Washington Post, The Atlantic, National Geography, Slate and The New York Times are the partner of Facebook for this new notification app. This app will be available for more users by the end of the year.