Facebook launches Business App for Small Businesses


WhatsApp’s much awaited app for Small Businesses launched in the market. WhatsApp Business App aims at local customers for Small Businesses who can easily communicate with their customers and can expand their Business easily.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly world’s most popular Instant Messaging cum communication app which allows you to chat, group chat, video calls, voice calls and much more. The app brings daily new features to explore the best of communications right on your smartphone. Today, WhatsApp has released its Business App for the local customers.

Many small businesses are using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers and to sell out their products, but this new WhatsApp Business is dedicated to the owners of Small Businesses which can keep track of their customers and can do a lot of things within the app to expand their Business to more customers.

Facebook has announced WhatsApp for Business back in September month, last year and many popular websites and Businesses have tested this platform to communicate with their customers. WhatsApp for Business is now available to download for free. Unfortunately, the app is not released for the global market as it is only available to a few countries as of now. The giant will soon make this app available to more countries.

WhatsApp for Business is currently available in countries like Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Furthermore, the company has announced that the app will be available across the world in the coming weeks.

Initially, WhatsApp for Business is available only for the Android Platform i.e. Android smartphones. However, the company says, they will also release the same app for iPhones in the coming weeks. The exact release date for WhatsApp Business for iOS platform is yet to announce by the giant.

WhatsApp has over 1.3 Billion daily users around the world. Pretty much every smartphone user uses WhatsApp to communicate with their loved ones. Now, customers and Business owners will be able to send out messages and communicate with each other to make their Business easier.

The app will let users know everything about the business with its description, email, store address and more. You can even click on the website from the same page to explore their websites as well.

According to official statement made by WhatsApp, “People will know that they’re talking to a business because you will be listed as a Business Account. Over time, some businesses will have Confirmed Accounts once it’s been confirmed that the account phone number matches the business phone number.”

The WhatsApp for Business app comes with smart tools to save your time while communicating with the customers. You can quick send messages and can create group and much more within the app. The app also includes greetings messages which you can use to introduce your Business to the customers. There is an away message option available which lets your customers know that you are busy with something else.

If you are confused about the existing app, you don’t have to worry about it. The new WhatsApp Business app is completely independent and hence it will not interrupt with your current WhatsApp application. Hence, you don’t have to download anything new.

People will be using the same thing to block businesses or any number or just to spam them out. The users will have full control over this app and there will be no any interruptions.

Furthermore, Small Business who want to start using this service will have to confirm their details first. All the required details will be confirmed and checked by the officials and then you will be given a badge of your own account for the profile. There’s also a verification badge available to verify the business and then they will start sending you the messages to communicate you. It’s a complete secure app and designed for the business owners to expand their businesses in the coming weeks.

If you are ready to use and test out this app on an Android device, kindly go ahead and download this app from its official Google Play Store‘s page right now. Once you install this app to an Android device, it will guide you setup your own Business, all you have to do is just follow all the instructions given there during the setup process and you will be good to go with it.

What’s your take on this guys? Would you like to use this app for your own Business? Do share your thoughts and views on this app. If you have anything to share or have any queries to solve, kindly let us know in the comments section given below this post. Stay tuned with us for more such useful updates.