Facebook to launch missed call ads to tap revenues from India


Facebook to launch missed call ads and targeted to increase the revenues from the emerging markets such as India and wants its Indian users to hang upon advertisers and it has made an announcement that it is rolling out the new “missed call” ad service which allows the users to access the information easily from the advertisers and brands without incurring the voice or data charges. This new missed call ad service is currently in the testing phase and this is nothing but the mobile phone users to click the button which calls the advertiser and immediately hangs up and get a call back.

The return call from the advertiser delivers the pre-recorded audio messages about every information including the from sponsored cricket scores to information regarding the shopping discounts which minimizes the data charges to the user. This missed call ad is specially designed by the Facebook to appeal the users in the India and in other potentially emerging markets. Facebook has user base of more than 100 million users in India and the majority of the users are accessing it from feature phones.


This missed call model is not the new one, it has been followed by most of the carriers and it is the first time the social network like Facebook has started the service. Even though it has user base of more than 100 million the revenue it is generating is very less compared to United States, UK and Canada.

The main reason for this is the less penetration of 3G and broadband and also the high tariff rates involved therein. It allows the  customers to register their interest by giving the missed call and Facebook has the potential to deliver the ads to the wider user base and at the same time it ensures the users do not charged any data or voice charges.

Currently this project is in the testing phase with a limited user base and Facebook is going to roll out the service to all the users in the coming months.