Facebook to improve the Brand Safety for the Marketers


As the last year goes, Facebook has been troubled by many marketing concerns including the transparency and the measurements issues. The platform is known for its ad business while keeping the brand safety in the swirl. A report that came last week shows that Facebook reaches Americans more than rest of the world and this is why many fake Russian bank accounts managed to purchase ads of worth $100,000 in the last two years and none of these purchases were rectified till now. This issue has increased the trust issues of the marketers with the Facebook platform.

As a result, Facebook is now trying to manufacture new tools hoping that the platform can comfort and clear all the doubts that the advertisers have. The company reported that the Facebook is trying to come up with a set of tools and guidelines that detail the users including the creators and publishers so that they can make money as the content is posted on the platform with the amazing new revenue sharing business model. Facebook, like every time, is coming up with these moves right when the advertisers are looking for more insights and have wider concerns about the control and measurements of the digital ads.

“This is an area where you’re going to see us make ongoing progress on and ultimately we care deeply about the health of the ecosystem on our platform­—that includes publishers, our consumers that use our products and advertisers,” said Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vp of global marketing solutions. “We want to ensure that advertisers feel confident in their investment on our platform and brand safety and what content ads are running against has been an area of concern.”

FacebookThe company is mainly targeting three different areas; money making posts, sensitive content and the never ending lingering trust. While Brand safety has always been the top priority with thousands of advertisers posting ads on the Facebook, it is mandatory that the company should take some effort especially after the advertisers tanked the YouTube ads after discovering that the ads were run in all kind of content that promoted a lot of degrading phenomena including racism. The YouTube, as a result, started amassing channels that have more than 10,000 views before they become supportive with the ads. Similarly, the new guidelines of Facebook will address such kind of concerns including where the ads should be published and what kind of ads should be shown to what kind of audience, etc.

Also, the guidelines are going to address the revenue sharing model which is going to pay the ad creators a sum, for posting the article pages, and for in-streaming the videos as well. On a whole, it is believed that this change is going to change alot of the social media marketing and the way it is approached especially keeping the sensitivity in picture and the brand owners can sleep in peace given the way the Facebook is trying to make sure that the ads reach the right audience with potential.