Facebook has bought tbh app focuses on the US Teens


Facebook is once again making the headlines as the giant has acquired a new tbh app which focuses on the US Teens. The giant is current testing out Workplace chat apps app for Mac and Windows systems as well and now this new special app which is an anonymous polling app making the teens go addicted to it with the single use. The app brings a complete fun time if you start using it. 

tbh is a complete new app which was released a couple of month ago and has already been acquired by the giant, Facebook just because of its new user interface. The app lets you send out positive feedbacks to the people anonymously without letting them know your real identity. Basically, it is a quiz-type polls where you would be able to ask quiz with proper questions. The app has becoming more popular day by day in the US specially for teenagers.

If we talk about the data, the app has already crossed 5 Million downloads in just two months. The users of this app have shared over 1 Billion messages already which shows the success of this app. Facebook somehow came to know about this app and acquired the app. The same report has been shared on various tech blogs with more information on the deal.

As per the reports, Facebook has paid¬†under $100 million for the startup app. To redesign the app and its features, tbh’s co-founders will go to the Facebook’s headquarter and will work on it from there. This will bring more familiar environment for everyone so they can discuss things according to the requirements of its users and other employees of Facebook.

Since the app focuses on the teenagers, you can spend gold time by using this app. The app lets you create surveys which you can send out to your friends anonymously without your original identity. You can even create your own Poll by submitting it for the review to the tbh team. Once confirmed, you will be able to share the poll between your friends and other users of this app.

The Polling in this tbh app is quite interesting as the more people pick up the survey, the more questions you will be able to send out to them or to your friends. So make sure to start a perfect survey and bring the best of questions for your friends and other relatives.

Facebook spokeswoman Vanessa Chan has said in a statement, “tbh and Facebook share a common goal – of building community and enabling people to share in ways that bring us closer together. We’re impressed by the way tbh is doing this by using polling and messaging, and with Facebook’s resources tbh can continue to expand and build positive experiences.”

The co-founders of this app will continuously working on the same app with the same name and there will be no changes to its original functionality and its user interface. If we talk about the last month, the app hit the top charts on Apple’s App Store for most number of downloads. The app is designed for the teenagers of 13 and above. This agreement will add one more app which focuses on teenagers and this will definitely give tough competition to the Snapchat users in future.