Expedia for Android updated with full tablet support


Expedia is the travel app which lets you to book your trips, hotels with some offers and exclusive packages with few taps from your Android smartphone. Expedia for Android has been updated today and it has been designed specifically for the tablets along with some features for tablet users.


Here is the list of new features in the update

  • Single search box : Single search box is introduced to eliminate the heavy search interfaces. When the users enters the city name , airport code or landmark the app displays the hotels and flights which are relevant to your query. In the beginning, no dates or any specific details are required.
  • Collections : Expedia offers various themed travel destinations to spark the interest in the future journeys. This features offers the customers the opportunity to explore the vacation spots as they may have not considered otherwise. Beautiful locations will be shown in fascinating way on the tablet devices. Collections feature offers rich combination of design, travel research and mobility.
  • First ever combined hotel and Flight travel research : For the first time, combined search has arrived for the travel market. Rather than searching in rigid, linear progression of the hotels then flights or flights then hotels. Combined search feature which offers both flight and hotel results together.
  • Earlier this year, Expedia has introduced scratchpad in some markets around the world. It is an easy way to track your searches. When the user logged into the Expedia app, trips he has searched on the tablet device appear on mobile or desktop. So this lets travellers to begin their travel planning from where they left off on any device.

Download Expedi for Android from here