Essential Phone sales reach 50,000 units worldwide


Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone is back on the headlines again with its total number of selling. Yes, we have the details of the actual sales of the Essential Phone. Since there is no any official data revealed by the company, we have to rely on other resources to know the actual number of its sales. According to reports, Essential Phone reach out to 50,000 people till date. 

As per various resources on Reddit, a user has shared an information regarding the sales of the Essential Phone. There are some applications which are dedicated for specific smartphones. Google Play’s data shows off everything about the phone and their selling.

As you might be aware about the Essential Phone’s Camera app, the Camera App for Essential Phone is dedicated to Essential Phone only and designed for this phone to work with its accessory, 360 Camera. Recently, Essential Phone’s Camera app just crossed its mark of 50,000-1,00,000 marks which reveals about the actual number of its sales. The phone has over 50,000 units globally as per the data revealed on Play Store trough its Camera app. Google is yet to update the stats for the apps and the data may be increase in next few days.

The 50,000 mark on the Play Store is not accurate as multiple users can use the same Camera app for multiple times. If one use of the Essential Phone sell out his phone to other user, the other user will install the camera app with a whole new Google Account which also counts in the total number of its downloads on the Play Store. So the data is not accurate and the total number of its sales may go down as well. We can only get to know about the phone’s actual number of units from the officials.

Apart from this, some tech enthusiasts or we can say developers and testers can use this ROM on different devices for testing purposes and hence the data of the app’s downloads may go down as well. Still we can see the number of its downloads and we can assume that there are only 50,000 units of the Essential Phone shipped from the market.

50,000 units is not a small number if we compare to the fan following of Essential Phone. Being company’s first device, the data looks good enough. There are other giants like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and many other more which sells this number of devices in just one day. However, being the new manufacturer in the smartphones industry, people are actually testing out the first Essential Phone. The company will soon release its new smartphone in the coming days.

Essential Phone is not available globally, it is limited to certain markets and carriers. There are people who don’t even know about the phone’s actual name or the company’s name at this present moment. So the company is yet to make its appearances available in various locations around the world. Andy Rubin will soon come up with the future plans to increase the number of sales of this phone so they can launch a good device in the future.

Recently, Essential Phone’s 360 Camera app get an update which allows user to broadcast full 360 videos on YouTube and Facebook. The phone also started receiving the official Android Oreo Beta update. The company will soon release the stable Android Oreo update in the coming days, hopefully before the end of this year.

Apart from this, the phone gets one more price cut in the United States which is now available at $450 only. The phone was launched at $700 and after that, there are a couple of price cuts this phone has received in the past to increase people’s interest on the phone.