Epic removes Infinity Blade from Fortnite

By | December 15, 2018

Epic Games most recent and popular game, Fortnite: Battle Royale has received a new update which is not good for the players. Epic Games announced on Friday that they have removed the most controversial weapon from the game. Yes, the new Infinity Blade weapon is removed now from the gameplay by the developers, and you will no longer be able to use this weapon during the gameplay. 

Epic Games announced this through Fortnite’s official Twitter handle which has made the players of the game a little sad. Infinity Blade weapon was added to the gameplay last week, however, many people have a complaint about the same as it was the most overpowered weapon in the game. To keep the gameplay exciting for the gamers, the publishers have made up a decision and removed that weapon.

“We messed up and rolled out the Infinity Blade overpowered / without good counters, especially in the end game,” Epic wrote. “The Infinity Blade has been Vaulted and we are re-evaluating our approach to Mythic items. Thanks for calling us out on this!”

Last week, Epic Games updated this popular game with a new version number 7.01. The update brought the new powerful Infinity Blade weapon. However, soon after a week, they have removed this weapon due to its controversial power. The overpowered weapon makes the gameplay easier which is of no use.

An overpowered weapon has made the game very simple. All the fun and charm of the game had lost as the weapon itself was way too strong to compete against the enemies. Just to keep the gameplay and its fun alive, the developers have removed this weapon. If you have ever used it, you are lucky enough to do so, as you will no longer be able to pick and use this weapon while playing the Fortnite game on a respective console or mobile phones.

Fortnite’s Twitter handle is very active and accepts the feedback from the gamers regularly. Many gamers have shared their views regarding this weapon and Fortnite too has responded to the issue. Just Yesterday, they have accepted it and said to remove the weapon in the next update. However, they have removed it immediately after a day, which is a good thing for the regular players of the game.

The Infinity Blade weapon was always there to pick by the player. This makes the player’s inventory replaced which is not cool at all. Players have found this unnecessary feature and asked for its replacement. The same weapon gave players more shield and power without any activity. It allowed the player to move faster and offer better performance.

Overall, Players including pro ones who use this weapon wins the game due to this overpowered weapon, Infinity Blade. The weapon makes the game one-sided, the player who picked this weapon wins it ultimately. This is wrong, especially in a well-established game with a huge number of gamers on different gaming consoles around the world.

It is unclear if Epic Games will ever add this weapon to the gameplay in the future. However, we are still waiting for their next update which surely add this weapon with a twist. We have to wait until their next update!