How to Enable and Disable SMS Messages in Hangout


Google+ Hangouts is an messages application that lets you send and receive the messages, pictures, videos, and even you can start free video calls with one and one or group calls. There are many advantages and features you can get by using this Hangout application. Even you can message friends any time, if they are now connected right now. The important thing is unlike Google Talk, Hangouts does not support invisible status. Actually this post is about How to Enable and Disable SMS messages in Hangout for that you need to follow the below steps.

Steps to be follow

  • Initially when you install the Hangouts for the first time it will asked if you want to use hangouts for SMS or not.
  • Tap yes button to import the existing messages in to the Hangouts and you will receive the messages with Hangouts only rather than the preloaded or inbuilt SMS application.
  • If suppose you are tried out with this and want to disable this or turn off this option, there is way to do.
  • To disable it or to enable it first you need to open the hangout application.
  • Once you are done with this tap on the menu button which is located on the right corner of this Hangout app.
  • If you tap on that menu option, you will get a drop down list in that click settings and tap on it.
  • In that option select SMS option, (settings>SMS)
  • Under the toggle General tap on the SMS as per your requirement for disable or enable.
  • After disabling the Hangouts your built in SMS app will handle the handle messages.

Suppose if you are using the stock Android smartphones like Nexus with android 4.4, For this type of phones which an Enable/ disable button instead of above options. Tap that to go to “Wireless & networks” menu where you can select a default SMS app,choose between Hangouts and any third-party SMS app you might have downloaded from the Play Store.