Elevate takes your mind to new levels


It’s a gym for your mind. Elevate was co-founded by Jesse Pickard and Karl Stenerud with their focus on a single app. Elevate is an assortment of brain training games that help sharpen the analytical thinking and communication skills of its users. Since it’s release in May 2014, the app has garnered over 10 million downloads and was also Apple’s choice for Best App in 2014 as well. The brain-train tool is available on Google play store and the App store on iOS. It also has two versions: Free and Pro, which will be discussed later in the article.

What does it train?

Elevate App
The Elevate App


The elevate app provides the user with daily challenges encompassing 35+ skills such as memory, agility, processing, estimation etc. First you pick the skills you’d like to train. It then assigns a personalized training program based on what you picked. According to your performance, it adjusts itself in such a way that you improve in the skill you have chosen rather than getting better at the game. Your performance is tracked on the EPQ or Elevate Proficiency Quotient. The Elevate Proficiency Quotient measures your performance in Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Math. It is a composite that ranges from 0 to 5000 and is based on your recent game performance and consistency of training. It also accounts for diversity in the skills you train. EPQ can go up or down, depending on how these factors compare to your historic performance. One of the reasons why the EPQ stops changing for a given skill is because of the finite content that is available for the day, so rather than memorizing the answers, the EPQ stops updating after 4 plays of the same game in one day.

Free Version and Pro Version

Games in progress
Games in progress

There are two versions available to choose from. Free allows you to pick 3 skills to train in and assigns a program for it. The pro version is available for subscription in monthly, yearly and lifetime selections. It also has bonus features like 15 exclusive games with a new one added every month and unlimited access which allows you to train with all 35 + skills whenever you want and finally you receive periodic deliveries of learning content. Elevate recommends at least 5 training sessions per week for optimum performance reviewing.

Where it can be found

iOs web link: iOS (Compatible on both iPhone and iPad)

Android web link: Google Play