Dropbox release Mailbox and Carousal for Android

By | April 12, 2014

 The Dropbox has  launched  Mailbox and new Carousal app. The apps are already available for the iOS platform. Both applications are now available in Google Play for free.

Dropbox release Mailbox and Carousal for Android

The Mailbox of the Dropbox offered usual email service with snooze emails  which can you  view later  or swipe to archive or trash. This Dropbox app  is learnt from the user swipes and snooze actions to automate them, which is something that would not to find in any other mail applications.


Now with the help of  Auto-swipe. The Mailbox has learnt  from the user swipes and snoozes the automate common actions. The Mailbox is currently supported only Gmail and iCloud accounts,  but it will support  other email platforms in the near future according to the app developer.

Now the other app of Mailbox- Carousal which is gallery app and bring all of the user photos and videos into the user Smart devices regardless of the available storage as most of them are backed up on Dropbox. It combines all the images of the user Smartphones or tablets  with the cloud-stored ones, and sorts,organizes  according to the user need.


The Carousal has combined the photos the user photo from his Dropbox accounts which are available on its Smartphone phone, and  it will automatically backs up new ones as you take them.  The Carousel sort all these memories by event so the user can easily travel back in time to any photo which he attached with the app of the Dropbox.