Doodles get real with the 3D printing 3Doodler pen


3D printing technology never fails to amaze anyone. From jewelry to human organs, it has redefined the way the objects are created. 3D printers are not all that new but its potential gets better and better every time. Now the latest is the innovative pen by 3Doodler brough the technology into the very hands of the user.


The 3Doodler 2.0 pen lets its users draw by using headed plastic filament that cools immediately into a solid structure, allowing its users to draw in the air. The innovative pen come complete with 125 strands of plastic in 25 colors. The best thing about this pen is that the speed of the pen can be customized.  Anything and everything that comes to the users mind like lamp shade or figures can be drawn with the 3D pen. The Kickstarter funded pen is sleek and compact that makes it much easier to handle.

The pen is now available online for $129.99 for everyone who want to lay their hands on it and start doodling.