Disney Launches ‘Club Mickey Mouse’ as a show on Facebook

By | September 9, 2017

The Mouseketeers are coming back after almost two decades. Disney is coming back with its Club Mickey Mouse show. The best thing about this new generation show is the show will be telecasted on Facebook through Facebook Watch. Yes, since Facebook is looking for new fresh contents to add to their newly started online streaming service, Facebook Watch Disney is all set to come up with Club Mickey Mouse on Facebook. 

Variety, the creators of Club Mickey Mouse, reported that this time they are not coming with a talent show but this time the show will come up with reality show. To expand the number of users or we can say watchers, Social Media will bridge a gap between the digitalization of the show. This will definitely boost the number of watchers of this show, as they have reported.

If you are active on Facebook and Instagram, the show can be followed through their official handle @ClubMickeyMouse. This show will create friendship and more through showing off your personal talents like music, choreography and much more. This look more like adventure trip that most of the people are looking for.

Facebook Watch is setting new competition for Netflix and Amazon giants of the same industry. In order to give tough competition, Facebook has to come up with new and fresh contents to attract new users. Recently, as per the reports, Facebook is going to spend over $1 Billion for the creation of new contents for Facebook Watch. So, the future of entertainment through Facebook looks bright with these type of new contents which people are actually looking for.

Facebook has been testing its Facebook Watch and for that, the giant has already made it available for the US people. Humans of New York was also acquired by the giant to create 12 Episodes of its own series for Facebook Watch.

If we talk more about Club Mickey Mouse, the show is entirely developed for social media feeds and Facebook Watch suits as the perfect platform to telecast this social media feeds based show.

As per Disney’s reports, “It’s not a traditional web series and it’s not just digital-first, it’s social-first. It’s programmed specifically for social media audiences who want to follow the kids’ journey just as they would follow their friends’ stories.”

They will fetch the contents and experience through new music and all with the help of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and Boomrangs. So all in one, everything will be done through social media and will be telecasted on the same. This makes a different way to explore social media platforms. They are turning towards entertainment industry gradually.

The show will be available from September 12th. Each week the creators will come up with a show where they will conclude with a musical performance and new music video. The original music of it will be available via Walt Disney Records at online music stores.

If you are keen to know about the new Mouseketeers, here they are. Regan Aliyah, Jenna Alvarez, Ky Baldwin, Gabe De Guzman, Leanne Tessa Langston, Brianna Mazzola, Sean Oliu, and Will Simmons.

The show will be telecasted for seven weeks online. And Disney will offer over 70 pieces of content a week for a show.