How to disable touchpad in Linux PC


Almost all the laptops come with the touchpad, it is very useful and at the same time most of the users don’t like it. For example, you might be doing some important work such as typing some important documents or anything, your cursor moves all because you have accidentally touched it. Linux operating system has go the ability to disable the touchpad. Here is the tutorial for how to so it.

How to disable touchpad in Linux PC

Making .Desktop file

  • Open text editor on your Linux PC and paste the below shown code in it.
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Disable touchpad
    GenericName=Touchpad disabler
    Comment=Disables touchpad
    Exec=synclient TouchpadOff=1
  • After pasting the code, save the file inside home/USERNAME/.config/autostart as disable-touchpad.desktop.

    mv disable-touchpad.desktop ~/.config/autostart
  • Open the terminable and enter the commands shown below to make the file executable.
    cd ~/.config/autostart
    sudo chmod +x disable-touchpad.desktop
  • Once the file is stored in the auto-stored folder, restart the PC. After restarting the PC you will notice that touchpad will no longer work on your laptop.

Re-enable touchpad

If you want to re-enable the touchpad again, navigate your file manager to ~/.config/autostart and delete disable-touchpad.desktop file. If you need it temporarily, enter the following command in the terminal.

synclient TouchpadOff=0

Changing 0 to 1 which is such as True and False. 1 keeps it disabled and 0 keeps it off. After doing this reboot the system and when it is turned back ON your touchpad will be enabled again.