Different Ways to Monitor Website Downtime


If you have your own blog or a webmaster and don’t know how to monitor the Website Up Time and Downtime. Don’t worry, there are so many sites are available which allows you to monitor your websites uptime and downtime. No one wants that their website will go down and they didn’t know about that, so at this time all the websites listed here will help you to monitor the downtime of your blog and website. Whenever your sites goes down due to some server load or error you will get the notifications on your mobile or mail regarding the issues. With this way you can know the downtime of your website and the possible reason why your website is down.

Scroll down to see the listed ways to monitor Website Downtime, most of these service are free to use, all you have to do is register a free account with them and you are ready to go.

Different Ways to Monitor Website Downtime

1. Site 24×7


Site24×7 is a simple hosted website monitoring service with lots of features and options to work with. With this website you can get the instant SMS alert on your mobile and an instant mail to the registered ID when your site is down. There are six main features that Site24×7 takes care of: website availability, web page defacement, instant alerts, web application monitoring reports and trends.

2. Pingdom


One of the popular web service to monitor the site performance and run-time, not only it monitor the downtime of your blog or website but also find out the reason behind of your site down and what are the solution to get it live again. When something happens to website or to your blog, you will get the notification form the website, which is almost similar to the above one. You can get alerts when things break, HTTP status, content changes, on error messages and more.

3. SiteUp Time


Another handy site that monitors your website or blog at regular intervals and injects notifications to you via email or SMS if it becomes unavailable or down. Both free and paid versions are available. In free plan you can only monitor one website and get notifications when your site goes down. You can also buy the paid plans which has some extra feature and more options. Visit the website to get more details and option they are providing for paid users.

4. DotCom Monitors


This web service also works almost similar to others listed above that ensures the performance and up-time of your e-business by offering together Monitoring, Notification, Reporting, Analysis and Escalation in the combination best suited to your needs. You can even customize the alerts based on your criteria and send them to e-mail or text and more.

These are the top web monitoring services that to monitor website downtime, some of them notifies your site downtime to your Phone and some doesn’t. So if you have selected any of the listed here to accomplish your task them don’t forget to share the experience with us by just dropping a comment below.