Different Types of SIM Sizes You Can Get Right Now

By | February 22, 2019

SIM cards are available in three main sizes; there is the standard SIM card, Micro SIM and Nano SIM. There is also a SIM size known as the combi SIM size and as the name suggests the SIM is a combination of a standard SIM and a micro SIM. The SIM card sizes always depend on the type of phone you are using, its model and the manufactures. Most of the phones today have advanced to using the Nano SIM and the Micro SIM card as technology has progressed. Although there are still a few models which use the standard SIM card, some phones come with a slot to fix a standard SIM card and a Nano or Micro SIM.

SIM Sizes 2019

SIM Sizes 2019

1. Types of SIM sizes

a. Standard SIM

This is the SIM card that can be seen on older phone models. This SIM card was the first ever SIM card to be introduced in the market. You can still see the SIM card in use on some of the older devices like the iPhone 3GS and the Samsung Galaxy S II. When people started using mobile phones, all phones could only be fixed with the standard SIM card.

b. Micro SIM

The Micro SIM is a bit smaller as compared to the standard SIM card. It is the medium-sized SIM card, and it is the most commonly used in this era. Most smartphone companies have reduced their SIM card slots to fit a micro SIM. The SIM card is about half the normal and standard SIM card. The use of a Micro SIM card was introduced first with the iPhone 4 model. From there it is hard to find any smartphone without a Micro SIM card slot.

c. Nano SIM

Nano SIM card is the smallest SIM card as it is almost 40% smaller as compared to the micro SIM. iPhone mobiles were the first to launch the use of Nano SIMs, and most of their latest models are fitted with the Nano SIM slot. Nowadays, most of phone companies have begun using the Nano SIM as it takes up a small space on the phone. It is amazing how technology has advanced over the years.

d. Combi SIM

The combi SIM is a combination of the standard SIM and the Micro SIM. This allows you to use the SIM in some of the older models and still use the same SIM when you change to some newer models a micro SIM slot. You are only required to break the plastic when you want to change the SIM. Most of the SIM cards that are sold on the stores are of this type. This is to limit any inconveniences that come with you not knowing what SIM size your phone uses.

2. Importance of changes of the SIM size

With the advances in technology, the SIM size has been reduced over the years. The SIM size seems to be reducing as time goes by; this has come with some advantages.

• Makes your phone lighter

A smaller SIM can greatly reduce the weight of your phone and make it lighter. Additionally, the SIM size makes your phone appear slimmer and sleeker. This is because the SIM size changes your phones exterior look by making the manufacture to reconsider every single design. Having a lighter and slimmer phone is an advantage as it allows you to carry the phone around easily. Moreover, a slimmer phone fits in your jeans pocket or a purse and it is comfortable to carry around.

• It saves up on phone space

Having a smaller SIM size saves up on the phones space. In turn, this allows the phone manufacturers to use up the space to add features in your phone. For, this reason the apple manufacturing company has been aiming at reducing the size of the SIM to increase the phone storage space. Additionally, the saved-up space can be used to add a few great hardware features to make the newer model more impressive and better than the previous model.

3. How to know which SIM to use

You don’t want to order the wrong size SIM for your phone. For this reason, it is always great to know which SIM size your phone uses before placing an order. You can start by going through the instruction manual that comes with the phone and finds out the size of the SIM that is required for the phone. If you can’t find any instruction manual on your phone, then you can always result to using Google and finding out what SIM to use. The manufacturers’ site is always a good place to start for you to be sure that you will get a perfect size.

Always ensure that you get the correct SIM size for your phone model. If you are not sure what size of the SIM to use you can always ask the manufacturer or where you bought the phone what SIM size to use.