Destiny 2 Review: Bungie and the Guardians rise up


The Destiny series has come back with the Destiny 2 that has a better story. The superior zones of the game are given in order to end the bad guys by shooting and they have come with a sense of purpose. The game is looking almost like an identical twin like the first game of the series. The first sessions of the game have left the gamers optimistic about the sequel which is why people are eager to know about the game’s reviews beforehand. After spending a full week of collecting lates, questing and shooting the Destiny 2 is known to have surprises that are content driven with full of robot armored sleeves.

The Destiny 2, as a game understand the fate, the purpose and the features as well. Destiny 2 has to be played as a first person who acts as a shooting player. The player in the game does compelling hops multiple times in a week. The game is full of adventure and exploration as it is all about the sharp shooting. That one area where the Destiny 2 beats the first game is in terms of swagger and confidence with a truckload of repeated loot. This feature might be a bit annoying to the Destiny fans to boot the game.

The Destiny 2 is what the first game should have been all along and the game is definitely worth everything. The story of the Destiny 2 doesn’t expand much. A Red Legion, an evil force has come to open the game’s original ‘Traveler’. The Traveler is a mysterious and massive orb that floats over the earth while granting powers to the heroes of the series and one of the exquisite immortality. As a player, you will act as one of the Guardian who regains all the original powers after a terrible attack. You will be confronted against Red Legion with different tasks while disrupting the nefarious plans and claiming the light force of the Traveler.

Destiny 2 Review

The basic plot of the campaign is to explore the new moons and the new planets. You have to find, regroup and assist the Guardian leaders of the original game like the Zavala, Ikora and the Cayde-6. You have to restore the lost power using the experience points that you gain through the journey while the loot increases. As the loot gets better, you can take the major baddie of the Red Legion, Dominus Ghaul. On a whole, the Destiny 2 is similar to the Destiny 1. The trick about this game is that it is not straight lined and is designed to run through different types of missions. While you progress through the game, you will be confronted with difficult missions. The game is free flowing and delivers a combat mode all around the plot.

With all the planets and moons filled with paths, newly added biomes and structural density; the ground of Destiny 2 contain compelling gangs and marches that contain entrenching foes. On a whole, if you’re someone who is in for mysterious and composite games which go unpredictable¬†and with a moderate pace, this game is exclusively suggested for you.