Derby, The Dog gets new pair of 3D printed prosthetic legs




You might remember Derby, The Dog. The dog became famous after he got 3D printed legs, which helped him in walking. In the beginning, the legs were created to keep him close to the ground, so that he can learn to use them without hurting himself.

Simple enlarging those legs didn’t work out for the team, so they have created completely new ones for the dog. The new legs have been created by using 3D printing. Finally, the team at 3D systems has decided to design leg that can bend like normal knees. Here, the team has used a different 3D technique named selective laser sintering instead of the traditional one.

It basically creates a 3D object by fusing tiny particles. Finally, they were able to create a more bouncy material, which allows Derby to move like dogs with the normal pair of legs. Now, with this new pair of legs Derby can walk comfortably and more normally.

Derby’s Owner, Sherry Portanova said about the new legs in a video posted by 3D systems, “Derby took to his new prosthetic very well, No different, really, in having them on than the old ones except it raised him to his proper height. He’s walking in a straight line and he’s sitting like a real dog sits, like he hasn’t really been able to do.”