Dell Teases Its Own All-in-One PC In a Short Video

By | November 2, 2016

Microsoft recently announced their all in one Surface Studio PC. Obviously, we loved it as it contains everything that you want from your workspace to be, big, attractive, powerful and easy to use. However, at the Adobe’s Max conference held in San Diego today, Dell gave us a glimpse to its upcoming all in one PC.

The teaser was first spotted by SurfaceProArt on Twitter and does not disclose any details about the specs, date or price. But, it looked like a machine possessing multiple screens as well as a different input with hardware similar to Surface Dial.

Along with Surface Studio, Microsoft also introduced the Dial as a new more powerful and amazing input device for creatives. The best part is, Microsoft has kept this technology open for all. So, other partners can also use the technology to bring similar or better tools for the users.

However, Dell’s new all-in-one PC will have a stylus support with primary input from touchscreen present on your desk containing your mouse as well as your keyboard.


The 90 second teaser ends with a message saying that it will be unveiled soon, and “welcome to your new workspace”. So, let’s wait and watch what Dell have in stored for the fans and how the consumers are going to react to their new product after comparing it with already famous Surface Studio.

Watch the video: