Deal Alert : Huawei Watch Gold Plated available for $252.52 at Amazon


The Chinese Electronics Giant, Huawei is known as one of the best tech giants in the world. The company has got a variety of tech gadgets such as Smartphones, SmartWatches and more. If we talk about the first generation Android Wear, Huawei Watch comes first. If you like to purchase the new Huawei Watch, here’s a great deal for you. Amazon is offering huge discount on Huawei Watch Gold Plated.

Yes, the first generation Huawei Watch will be available in stunning Gold Plated color. The original Huawei Watch performs far better than the second generation of Huawei’s smart watch. And for the very same reason, people are still looking for a new watch to purchase.

Amazon has slashed down the price of the premium version of the first generation Huawei’s smart watch. Yes, the Huawei’s Smart Watch is up with an eye popping discount on a popular Amazon store. The deal gets you the first generation Huawei Watch with fully gold plated design. The Stainless Steel Link Band of the watch also comes with Gold Plated design. Additionally, it will also come with US guarantee. 

If we talk about the previous discounts, Amazon was selling the same first generation Huawei’s smart watch at $379.99 in December month. Today, the giant has slashed down the base price of this watch to $252.52. The Huawei’s Smart Watch is powered by a set of advanced features which offers the best of smart watch experience right on your wrists.

As far as the specifications of this Huawei Watch are concerned, it is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 processor. The watch comes with a 512 MB of RAM and has 4GB of Internal Storage Memory which comes as built-in memory on the device.

The first generation watch runs on an Android Wear 2.0 version. Being the older edition, it will not be able to run on a latest Android Wear version and it will be shipped with Android Wear 2.0 only. Furthermore, the older smart watch will not be able to support Android Pay, which means you will not be able to use Android’s own money transaction app, Android Pay.

Furthermore, Huawei’s Smart Watch comes with 1.4 Inch full circle AMOLED display. The display is quite tough as it comes with scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The watch is designed with Stainless Steel body which makes it more durable.

Huawei’s first generation Smart Watch is compatible with almost all types of Android and iOS devices. The watch is compatible on iOS 8.2 or Android 4.3 or above Operating System versions. You can simply connect this Smart Watch to a respective Android or iOS smartphone with the help of Bluetooth. You can make use of both the devices together. The Smart Watch can get you a lot of extra features which you might not have seen on a smartphone.

Furthermore, you can receive all the notifications of the phone right on your wrist on this watch. You can even get alerts for your incoming calls, texts and more. The Huawei Watch comes with over 4,000 different types of apps which you can use and install on your smart watch.

Apart from this, the Watch also comes with a bunch of pre-installed watch faces which you can change as per your requirements. Additionally, the watch also comes with accurate Fitness tracking app to keep an eye on your daily activities. The watch also comes with an enhanced heart rate monitor. Sensors are also available to track out your swimming, running, walking and more.

So folks, this is what you will get from Huawei’s Smart Watch. The most stunning feature you would see in this watch is its stunning gold color. Fortunately, Amazon is offering great discount on these watches. If you are interested in buying this watch, just head over to the official Amazon’s page by clicking on the below mentioned link and purchase the watch right now!

Buy Huawei Watch Gold Plated at Amazon

Click the above link once and you would be taken to the official Amazon’s Deal page. You can get all the useful information about this watch and can purchase the watch right from there.

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