How to darken colors, reduce whitepoint,turnoff transparency on iPhone


Every one knows that iPhone and iPad have some great accessibility features for those with visual impairments, if any one are struggling colorblind or have issues with the transparency that iOS 7  brought with it, to over come this you can do some enhance iOS visually. This article gives you information about how to darken colors, reduce whitepoint, turnoff transparency on iPhone and iPad.

Steps to darken colors, Reduce WhitePoint, Turnoff Transparency on iPhone

  • Open the settings application on you iPad and iPhone.
  • In settings app click on the general and tap on accessibility.
  • Tap on increase Contrast.
  • Turn On or Turnoff  any of the toggles for the options you would like.

Reduce Transparency

By seeing the below screenshot, reducing the Transparency will add a solid background to the dock on every Home screen along with making Control Center, popups, and keyboards much less transparent.



Darken colors

By using this darken colors you can make menus and tabs darker which may them stand out more so you can read them easier. By seeing the screen shots you can tell that the menu button are a shade of blue when darken colors option is turned on.


Reduce white point

By reducing the white point will make whites across iOS much less harsh, To enable this option by on and off the toggling switch. This is pretty good idea whether you need bright whiteness or to reduce white point.