Critical WinRAR Bug has affected all the versions: Check the demonstration video

By | February 22, 2019

Windows users are on high alert as a new 14-year-old vulnerability has been discovered in the popular WinRAR software. This bug has affected millions of users of this software worldwide. Cybersecurity researchers have discovered this new malicious archive in the software caused by the bug.

According to experts, this is a hacker’s cup of tea just to hack into the user’s system to fetch the critical information stored in the system. This can be done through malicious archive files which come through the compressed ZIP file through the WinRAR software.

WinRAR is undoubtedly the most popular Windows file archive software with over 500 million users globally. Unfortunately, this 14-year-old vulnerability has affected all the versions of the software released in the past 19 years. This is shocking news as people have never seen such bug on any software before.

If we talk about the bug, it resides in the way an old-third party library named with “UNACEV2.DLL.” This file is used by the software to handle the extracted files. It compresses the files with ACE file format for the Windows users.

The researchers have found a new “Absolute Path Traversal” bug in the library. This bug can be used to execute in the targeted system’s library. It enters through an uncompressed malicious archive to your system. This can only be done when you use affected software.

This bug allows the hackers to extract the compressed file to a separate folder of their choice and not the choice of the users. This makes them able to leave the malicious code into the Windows Startup folder. The malicious code will run automatically to your system when you reboot it since it was placed into the Windows Startup folder by the attackers through the malicious archive code.

Thankfully, the researchers have also demonstrated the entire thing about this issue and how you can encounter it in your Windows PC. Do have a look on to this demonstration to know more about the actual issue with the WinRAR Software.

Attackers just need to convince the users to open the malicious folder containing that malicious code to steal the data of your system. This malicious code can only be entered once you click and open the file using the affected WinRAR software.

To get rid of this issue, Windows users are requested to uninstall the affected version of the WinRAR software immediately and re-install the latest version of it from their official website. You are also requested not to open the archive files received by anyone for now. Make sure you first update the WinRAR’s version to the latest version.