How to create system image in Windows 8 and 8.1


Creating the system image backups on the Windows PC and storing them on the external drive, network drive or optical media is very easy, especially when the system error or sort occurs on your PC. Reimaging the PC may take only few minutes, instead of hours which is required to reinstall windows. By default, the backup system includes drives required for the Windows to run and it also includes Windows and your files, programs and system settings.

When you restore the PC from the system image, it is the complete restoration which you won’t be able to select the individual items to be restored and all your programs, system settings and files will be replaced by system image contents. Below is the tutorial for how to create the system image on the Windows 8 PC.

How to create system image in Windows 8 and 8.1

  • Search for recovery in the Windows 8 Start screen and now select the setting Windows 7 file recovery
  • Now Windows 7 File Recovery Control will launch and click on Create a system image option from the left side.
  • Now select the location where you want to save the system image , you can select either external storage device or burn system image to DVDs.
  • Now go to the backup settings again, and once done click on start backup button.

Once the whole process is completed, you will have the option to create the system repair disc, but you will probably create the USB recovery drive. If you get any error in between, you need to reimage your PC using the system image and then go to Settings>Change PC Settings>General and then click on restart button under Advanced startup.