How to Create Location based Reminder on Android Phones


Wants to Create reminders for tasks, places to visit, events, and more  in your Android phones and are based on the place specific or location. You can create location based reminder on your Android Smartphone with the help of apps and Google Now which are available free and paid variants in the Google Play Store. In this article you will get the information about the best location based reminder app for your phone, as well as how can you, use these apps 0n your phone I will teach you.

Methods to create location based reminder on Android phones are –

With Google Now

You can set reminders from the main Google Now screen on an Android or iOS Smartphone. This location based reminder is available in English, French, German and some of  the other languages.

To Create a reminder follow these steps

  • Open Google Now and touch the microphone icon Microphone icon.
  • Say what you want to be reminded about and the location, and touch Set reminder.

Alternate Way

  • You have to touch the Reminders icon at the bottom of the Google Now screen.
  • After that you have to touch the Add icon, type the reminder, and choose Where.
  • Now select your home or work address, or choose Set location and type the address.
  • Now touch  the Remind me at this place.



There are many apps are also available in the Google Play Store which can help you such as-

Location Based Reminder

This app is available free in the Play Store. It has an easy to-use user interface. You can easily add reminders by either click on maps or type in the search box. All the  locations that you are entered were saved and you do not need to enter them again. This app is also offered several colors you can choose for your reminder. You can also set a radius of a circle in which you will be reminded.  You can download this app from here!


Yepa –

It is also a free  location based reminder app for the Android user. This app is different from other apps of this category. This app has a powerful engine Geo-location allows you to keep the memory of many activities which you want to remember near to the place where they interest you. This app  has simply determined the place, where we want the alarm  to alert us to which the place and then give everything we want to be reminded and the application will remind us of the task at the exact moment. You can download this app from here!


Geobells –

The Geobells is a simple reminder app. The Geobells app is designed to use as little power as possible while still being accurate. You can also tap into both satellites (GPS) and network (WiFi and Cellular) to get your latitude and longitude location. The Geobells offers options and customizations other location reminder apps like Google Now. With the help of this app you can set a reminder for when you leave a location as well as when you enter one. You can download the app from here!



  • Can silence your phone or toggle airplane mode when you’re reminded.
  • Takes into account what activity you’re doing (walking, biking, driving, etc.) and customizes your reminders to save battery.
  • Enable hands free voice alerts that’ll make your phone talk to alert you.
  • Enable popup alerts.
  • Use a low power mode that’ll minimize battery usage. Gives you directions to the place you need to go to accomplish your task once you’ve been alerted!