Control Google Chromecast using Google Assistant


Google has recently updated its Google Photos app which now recognises photos of your animals stored in your device. Now, Google starts support of Google Assistant on Google Chromecast. Since, Google Chromecast doesn’t have any remote control to control the device, users now can use Google Assistant to work with it. 

This is something which millions of users of Google Chromecast devices were expecting and it is indeed an exciting move by the giant to offer Google Assistant support. To make it work, you can use Google Home app and can give command via Google Assistant to your Google Chromecast device. Since Google Chromecast is quite helpful device, the number of users for this device is increasing day by day.

Google Chromecast is not a cheaper device and for that reason, not everyone owns it. If you are a proud owner of this Google Chromecast device and set it up using Google Home app, then you can give commands via Google Assistant to start making it work.

Interestingly, you can use the Google Home app from a different room if your television is not nearby. You can still give Google Home commands via Google Assistant and it will start playing the thing which you ask via Google Assistant.

Well, Google has not officially announced this updated version of Google Home app yet and it is yet to be rolled out officially for the world’s people. However, some of the Google Chromecast users have reported this new Google Assistant support and they are happily using this feature on their Google Home app. They can ask to play a particular song, can play music from Spotify, can start streaming shows from the Netflix and more.

Previously, Google Assistant only lets you play a particular video or change the video from the playlist using Google Assistant from the Home app. But now, the new update brings a lot of improvements to the original Google Home app. You can even choose from different Chromecast devices to give commands using Google Assistant. So this new update is quite interesting and will definitely help out those people who are using Google Chromecast on a regular basis.

Apart from this, users can also take full control on YouTube. If you are playing YouTube videos on Google Chromecast, you can pause or play the video and can change the video just by asking to Google Assistant. You can even adjust the volume using your Voice Commands through Google Assistant on the Chromecast.

As we all know, Google has a number of devices which can easily sync between each other. This new update will make the functionality of the Google Chromecast more user friendly. This is something important Google is going to bring for the users.

In order to get the updated version of it, you have to wait for some time as the update is reaching slowly to the nations and there is no any information about the availability of the app to a specific countries. The giant will announce regarding this new app and its availability in the coming days. For more such updates, stay tuned with us and get regular updates on Smartphones, Technology news and more.