How to construct the OS X Dock to perform faster


The Dock in OS X has a small delay when you click on it and have “Automatically Hide and Show Dock” enabled. The time delay can frustrate you a little but however you can personalize the speed setting with this little slash. With this little slash, you can experience that the Dock showed up instantly without any time delay.

The Process:

  • Firstly, you need to open the Terminal (located in Applications – Utilities)
  • Next step, type out the following command in to the Terminal
  • Lastly, click on the Return key

This is the command to be typed into the Terminal- (defaults write autohide-delay -float 0)
After typing, you have to restart the Dock to see that changes made. You can either logout from your user account in OS x or you can type the following command into the Terminal.

Killall Dock

This will restart the dock and instantly you will observe that the dock which was set to “Automatically Hide” and Show the Dock”, the appearance will be immediately responded. If you want switch for standard hide / show effect you can revert to the default by typing the command in to the Terminal. This is the command to be typed in to the Terminal – (defaults delete autohide-delay). You need to restart the Dock once again to get the default settings.

P.S. Using this stratagem, you can also raise the autohide delay by replacing the numeric 0 in the first command with a larger number. This is amazing for all the OS X users; they can change the Dock settings as they like and also to keep the Dock from showing immediately when moving your mouse cursor towards the bottom of the screen.