How do I connect my Xbox One to my laptop?


If you are a true gamer and owned an Xbox One gaming console, you can play a wide range of exciting games on your big television screen. But what if you want to connect and play Xbox One games on your Laptop or PC running on the latest Windows Operating system? Well, here we will be showing you how you can connect your Xbox One to your Laptop so you can use it remotely within the same WiFi network. 

If you are unable to play games on your Xbox One all the time because it is in the different room than your bed room, you can connect it with your Windows 10 PC so you can play the games remotely to your Xbox One console. It doesn’t ask you to pay anything or need any additional devices, just requires a bit of knowledge so you can easily make a connection between the Xbox One and your Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

Before moving on to the connection process, there are a few things required which is mandatory to setup connection between the devices. It’s like system configuration so the devices can easily connect between each other to offer the seamless gaming experience to your PC. So let’s see what system requirements are needed in order to connect your Xbox One to PC.

Basic System Requirements

  • Windows 10 PC or Laptop
  • Xbox One Console
  • Xbox One App on Windows 10 PC ( If not, kindly go to the store and download it from there. It is officially available for Windows 10 PCs)

Since you are using a Windows 10 which is the latest Operating System, your PC must have enough space and RAM to load high graphics game. If you are ready to connect your PC with the Xbox One console, kindly follow below given steps.

Note : Make sure, Xbox One and your Windows 10 PC, both are connected on the same WiFi network. While connecting to PC, keep your Xbox One console turned on so the connection can be done without any interruptions.

How do I connect my Xbox One to my laptop?

Step 1 :

Go to your Windows 10 PC and select the Start button. Search for Xbox by entering the name, you would see Xbox option. Click the icon of the Xbox app to launch it.

Step 2 :

Once you launch the Xbox one, you could see a number of useful options on the application. Here, you would see a few options at the left side bar of the app. Kindly select the Connect option from here.

Step 3 :

Once you see the Connect option, click it out. The system will itself scan for the available Xbox One devices.

Step 4 :

Soon, the system will show you your Xbox One console which is connected on the same WiFi network.

Step 5 :

Kindly select this option from here, and you will be asked for the sign in process. Put your ID and the connection between your Xbox One and PC will be established.

Step 6 :

After this, you would see Stream option on the PC’s Xbox application. Kindly select this Stream option from here and the connection will be done to both the devices, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

So folks, this is how you can connect Xbox One to Laptop under the same WiFi network. It doesn’t require anything, just a proper knowledge and you will be able to play all your Xbox One games on your Windows 10 Laptop or PC.

What’s your take on this? Did you like how this Xbox app works? Do share your thoughts and views in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further or have any feedback to share, kindly share it with us by using the comments section. For more updates, stay tuned with us.