How to connect to hearing aids for auditory accessibility on iOS


In the previous post we have discuss about how to enable mono audio for auditory accessibility on both iPhone as well as iPad, As you know that iPhone and iPad has great accessibility features, One especially useful feature for those with auditory impairments is the ability to pair their iPhone or iPad with many supported hearing aids. There are even some hearing aids that carry the made for iPhone moniker so you know your experience will be seamless. To get started, you have just got to pair them together. This article brings you about how to connect to hearing aids for auditory accessibility on iPhone and iPad follow the steps below.

Steps to Follow How to Connect to hearing aids for auditory accessibility on iOS

  • Initially Open the settings application on the iPhone or iPad of your device and tap on general settings.
  • In the general settings you have to select the accessibility.




  • Under the Hearing section tap on the Hearing aids.
  • Your iOS device automatically search for any compatible hearing aids near by, check whether they are in discovery mode are not.
  • Once your iOS device finds your hearing aids, tap on your name in order to start pairing processes.
  • Once the pairing is done, switch on the option called hearing aid mode.
  • That’s it you are done

Now you can start using your iOS device, with hearing. Depending on the kind of hearing aid you have, you are typically able to increase and decrease volume independently in both ears, monitor battery usage for your hearing aids, and much more.