How to Connect Apple TV to External Speakers


Connecting speakers externally to a TV takes just a couple of minutes with audio links that embed straight into RCA-type jacks on the TV. On the other hand, as there is an amplifier incorporated with a TV is just powerful enough to drive the built-in speakers, so there must be power sort of source to utilize the external speakers. The result is either to connect the TV to an amplifier for home theater and then connect the speakers to the amplifier, or to utilize self-powered speakers, for example, the little desktop models designed for connecting with the PCs. Machine speakers may be the better choice if floor space is unavailable for standard home theater speakers.

Apple TV

If you are facing issues with connecting Apple TV to external speakers without amplifier then this post will sure help you out. First check out the requirement of this tutorial, even you might have to buy some part if you you don’t have.


  • RCA audio cables
  • Amplifier
  • Speaker wire
  • Wire strippers


  • Self-powered speakers
  • Y-adapter with 2 RCA plugs on one end and a mini-plug jack on the other

Connect Apple TV to External Speakers

Connecting Home theatre

Step 1: First of all, setup the Home theater properly with the speakers and Subwoofer, if your music system allows you to play music with SD card, then first check it is working fine or not.

Step 2: Insert the RCA plugs on the Y adapter into the TV’s Audio “OUT” jacks.


Step 3: Plugin the mini-plug on the wire attached to the right-hand self-powered speaker to the mini-plug jack on the Y adapter.

Step 4: Connect the mini-plug and audio cable from the left-hand speaker into the Audio “OUT” jack on the back of the right-hand speaker.


Step 5: Now turn on the power source to turn on your Music system which is ready to work with your Apple TV.


Step 6: Play anything on your Apple TV and enjoy the loud sound direct from your music system.