Claim Di raises $2 million in Series A funding led by CyberAgent Ventures



Thai Startup, Claim Di that deals with auto insurance has raised $2 million in Series A funding led by CyberAgent Ventures and some others. Golden Gate Ventures, 500 Startups, dtac Accelerate, 500 Durians and some others have also invested in the company. This is the largest amount of fund raised by any Thai Startup.

Claim Di has now total capital of $10 million after including this fund. The Chief executive of Anywhere 2 Go (the developer of Claim Di), Kittinan Anuphan has said that the company will use this fund for software development process and marketing.

The startup will also use this fund to launch some new services for expanding its services domestically as well as globally. The company is targeting to launch three more services named Claim Di Bike, Claim Di Assist and Claim Di Call for expanding its business. Currently, Claim Di is planning to expand its business to Malaysia, South Korea or Japan, Laos and Sri Lanka. Malaysia and South Korea or Japan are primary target for the auto insurance startup.

Kittinan said, “We have secured investment partners to help us grow Claim Di, revolutionise the insurance industry, and expand into international markets faster. Our partners will enable us to penetrate the insurance markets in Malaysia, Laos, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Japan,”