Chrome on Android to get HDR Video support


Google’s own web browser, Google Chrome is world’s most popular web browser which is widely available for all PC systems and Mobile platforms. Google Chrome is Android is upgrading with one more feature to its bucket which would now support HDR Videos. Yes, Google Chrome on Android will soon get HDR Video Support on high-end Android smartphones.¬†

Almost all the smartphone makers are coming up with their own advanced and highly featured smartphones. Most of them are now coming up with 4K resolution and HDR support. However, the format requires not only a compatible handset but the software should also be capable enough to support your device. As it requires processing and other requirements so you can explore HDR videos through your browser.

In the past, we have seen a number of apps which were upgraded with their newer versions allowing HDR video support. YouTube, Netflix and Google Play have been upgraded with full HDR support and now the Google Chrome is also getting HDR Support so you can explore everything with High Dynamic Range technology on a supported Android device.

Google Chrome’s HDR support update will let you stream out the videos on different websites which offers HDR contents. You will be able to stream out the HDR Videos directly from the Google Chrome web browser and it won’t require any supported software or app. However, it requires an HDR Supported device for the same. If you are using a high-end Android device which supports HDR Contents, and an upgraded Google Chrome browser, only then you will be able to stream out HDR Videos.

If we go further, there are only limited videos available on the web with HDR contents as this technology is new and everyone is currently eyeing on the same. Many giants like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon etc. have been working to provide HDR Contents with full 4K resolution on their platforms. We would get to see more HDR contents from various platforms in the future as almost all the new smartphones do support HDR videos.

There are many giant platforms who offers HDR Contents to the users with their own different types of subscription plans. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, Apple and Google have their own applications and platforms which offer HDR Contents with 4K resolution. So you can simply watch out HDR Contents with 4K resolution on a supported devices and Televisions through these cable services.

All the above giants have their own applications for both, Android and iOS devices as well for the Television sets. So you can easily stream out the HDR Contents right from your smartphones as your smartphones are supporting the HDR contents. These are the most popular platforms from where users’ can browse and stream out their favourite TV Channels and other shows which telecast by these giants.

Facebook, Netflix and all the other online streamers are spending Billions of dollars to create new and fresh contents for the users. They are also coming up with their new subscription plans so that they can explore a wide range of videos, channels and other TV Shows right from the same platform. This makes sense as we would get to see all the phones to come up with HDR video support in the nearer future.

Many websites have already started encoding their videos with HDR support so the users of Google Chrome browser will be able to stream them out right from their Android smartphones without any additional software support. However, some other websites will wait until the market is full of HDR displays. We would let you update when the new Google Chrome with HDR Support arrives in the market. Stay tuned for the same!