Sunday, April 21, 2019

How to Play a YouTube Video Repeatedly

Looking to play a video on YouTube in repeat mode?? This post is all about how to Play a YouTube Video Repeatedly and also listed various method to do that.

MultCloud : Free App for Managing Files across Cloud Drives

MultCloud is a service from AOMEI Technology, the same people who made a popular free disk imaging utility- AOMEI Backupper.

Sony launches contract-free PlayStation Vue TV service in three cities

Sony Corporation just joined the club along with other tech companies to create cable alternatives. This Wednesday, Sony rolled out its online television service called PlayStation Vue. When the Internet was busy with Apple...
GoDaddy go public

GoDaddy sets to go clean to sell per shares at $20 in IPO

Until four years ago, GoDaddy was an Internet registration company with a history of raunchy marketing. But now it tries to get clean and prepares for a new life on the public stock markets....
mobile payment

Best Mobile Based Payment Solutions in India

Best Mobile Based Payment Solutions in India - IMPS is one of the best mobile based payment solution. Paypal is also present and some network providers also starts

Best websites to check Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the process of copying the original documents and publishing as their own. This article features some best websites to check plagiarism.

IBM to invest big into the new IoT business unit

American technology giant International Business Machine Corp (IBM) yesterday announced it would invest $3 billion in the forthcoming four years for the establishment of the new Internet of Things (IoT) business unit to provide...

Apple soon to enter web TV service market

Apple Inc.'s big plans to build an online television service are coming into sharper focus and better shape. The company is in discussion with programmers to offer a slimmed-down bundle of TV networks this...

Best tools to test website speed and performance

If you want to test the performance, speed and the page loads and downloads of your website, the here are some best tools to test website speed and performance.

Tsū : Money Making Social Networking website

The tsu is one of the newest social website. It is also different from other website also. With this website you can earn money. This is a social network like Facebook,but gives its 90% of its revenue to the users