Sunday, December 16, 2018

How to update and add notes on iPhone and iPad with Siri

Notes application for iPhone and iPad is a great way to not only keep track of your thoughts to Update and add note to them whenever the need arises

How to split screen in Chrome using New tab Resize

Here is the tutorial explaining how to split screen in chrome using the New Tab Resize extension. Check out here for complete details how this extension works.
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How to Add You Tube Subscribe Widget to your Website

If you are active on the You Tube which is most Popular search engine similar like Google, it is profitable to add the You Tube subscribe widget button on your website or blog
Razer game booster

Tips to tweak PC’s gaming performance without upgrading hardware

This post is featuring some tips to tweak PC's gaming performance. Check inside for more details.

How to Track an Unknown Phone Number

How to Track an Unknown Phone Number - The app is available in the Play Store which can help you to find out the Unknown numbers such as True caller and many more.

How to Surf or Browse Web Anonymously

One of the easiest way to hide you computer is hid your self with the help of proxies,and act as a filter between you and rest of the web. This is way to Surf or Browse Web Anonymously

Add Slide to Shutdown feature in Windows 8.1 Start Screen [How to]

This article helps you test one of the unique feature of Windows Phone in your Windows 8.1 PC which is "Slide to Shutdown". Follow the steps mentioned in this post.

How to restore deleted messages on Facebook

Have you deleted messages on Facebook and you want to get back them, then here is the tutorial for how to restore deleted messages on facebook.

How to hide free U2 album on iDevices

Users can easily access through U2 Album on iDevices, when iTunes crossed more than 100 countries all over then user is possible to access the U2 Album on iDevices.

How to move media libraries to microSD card on Surface Pro 3

You can extend Surface pro 3 storage with the help of microSD card and here is how to move media libraries to microSD card on Surface Pro 3 tablet.