Sunday, April 21, 2019

Huawei shows a super-fast charging battery

Huawei shows two batteries that can charge 10 times faster than the current battery, 600mAh battery charges to 68% in two minutes, where 3000mAh to 48% in 5 minutes.

Bluetooth to get 100 percent speed boost and bigger range in 2016

This is the age of wireless gadgets, we use multiple wireless gadgets like headphones, speakers and some more in our daily life and all these devices connect through Bluetooth. In simple word, Bluetooth has...

Time Warner Cable wants to replace cable box with Roku

Time Warner Cable has announced a trail service for its TWC TV app that allows its users to access live TV on smartphones and smart TVs with their Wi-Fi network.

A new Artificial Nose warns you about the spoiled food

C2Sense has created an artificial nose that will detect ripeness of food and check whether food is good or not, it detects the ethylene gas coming out of food items.

The portable particle accelerator can be created

A new breakthrough by the researchers from University of Maryland can be used to make a portable particle accelerator, which can be used in medical and other fields.

Luma makes your home wireless setup easy

Luma router allow users to fill their entire home with strong Wi-Fi signal and you can also see which device is connected through it and what these devices are doing.

3RDi camera can capture shots from middle of your forehead

3RDiTEK announced a wearable product named 3RDi camera that can capture photos and videos from middle of your forehead and you can also share photos on social media

Researchers created tiny and flexible lenses with wide field of view

A team of engineers have created very tiny micro lens with 170 degree field of view, it can be used in surgical process and security cameras to revolutionize process.

Facebook news app Notify may launch next week

Facebook is going to release a new stand alone news app called Notify next week, which will show you news and will also notify you about any breaking news.

California cops uses mobile biometric tech in field

Law enforcement officers are turning to biometric technology that uses fingerprints, DNA, facial recognition features in the field for identity of the suspects.