Sunday, April 21, 2019

Atomberg, Indian home appliances startup raises $1 Million

Atomberg, Mumbai based startup which manufacturers smart and energy efficient home appliances has raised $1 Million from Parampara capital.

Lucid VR captures realistic 3D cinematography

A world's first in consumer VR, the Lucid cam offers simple and effective capture of video and audio in 180 degrees which offers depth and realism.

Thync lets users change mood at will

United States based startup Thync is using a innovative technology to give users a quick energy boost or relaxed mood.

New Touchscreen material to solve daily charging problem of smartphones

Scientists discovered new type of touchscreen material that requires very less power to illuminate, with vivid colors and high visibility in direct sunlight

Turn your smartphones into Lamp with Luma lampshade

Hoping to buy a portable tiny device that can turn your iPhone into a lamp, there is good news for you. Luma has developed a small device that can connect to your smartphone and...

Researchers crafts electronic circuit inside rose plant

Rose is beautiful flower, but crafting electronic circuit inside it is just amazing. Researchers from the Linköping University have combined a flexible electronic circuit with one of the most beautiful flowers in the world....

Rdio to transfer your account to its ad-supported version from November 23

Rdio has announced the plan of shutting down its music streaming service. The music streaming service recently announced that it is going to file for bankruptcy and is selling its reaming assets to Pandora....

Sky unveils a new satellite box SkyQ

Sky has just unveiled its premium subscription service named SkyQ, which is going to be available early next year in United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

You shouldn’t pay money for your drone registration

FAA has announced that the drone registration process will be very simple and have also said that drone owners should not pay money for the drone registration process

Twitch launches Private chat option “Whisper” for Android users

Twitch has launched its new private chat feature named Whisper that allows its users to communicate with friends, subscribers and followers through a private chat.